When is EthNFTOwners updated/deleted?

I know the table auto-populates based on the NFTs owned by users who log in through Moralis, but Iโ€™m not sure what happens afterwards, nor find any docs relating to this.

For example, if the NFT leaves the wallet of a user in the system, is that NFT also deleted from EthNFTOwners?

If not, then will the state of the NFT (and all relating tables such as EthNFTTransfers) continue to be updated indefinitely afterwards, even though it is not owned by any user in the system?

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Hi @niftynet
Thank you for your patience :raised_hands:

I wanted to test this before answering you. We will soon change the nft tracking system. So NFTs transferred to not โ€œtrackedโ€ address will be removed from xNFTOwners

Thanks for your response. What is the current behavior?

Table xNFTOWners updates after transfer to the eth_address which is not in the database. It changes the owner_of field for NFT object to new address. If we transfer this NFT again - it will not be indexed and it will show an outdated info owner_of for the NFT object.

Thanks for the info.

I am having another issue related to EthNFTOwners. It seems like this/other automatic sync tables do not update after a user account is deleted and then created again. Can you confirm that this is intended and is there a way to force these tables to update again? I have tried calling syncEthAddress manually but it says that the sync is complete, yet no data is in these tables.

Actually it seems like the automatic sync is down or something? Just started a fresh server and am having the same issue. Says sync is complete but no data in these tables.

try to wait few minutes and refresh the dashboard page? maybe it is not an instant update in the interface

I have refreshed the interface, itโ€™s been down for at least an hour. The _EthAddress and EthBalance tables do populate, but no others. The EthBalance table states that the address is not syncing (implying the sync is complete?) yet no data appears in any other tables.

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