When buying (not minting) NFT transaction seem to stuck in pending

After buying without any problem:

The item doesn’t appear in the buyers items:

But appears in the seller’s items:

And in the database it seem to be in “EthNFTOwnersPending”:

The weird thing is that when I do another NFT transaction, the previous one confirms and the item apears in the right place, among the buyer’s items. Would you please help me?

The code is the same as in the github and so are the cloud functions (aplying the latests breaking changes, of course).
I have no clue of what is happening. Ask all the additional information you need.

Hey @Mateo03

I’m not sure if I understood the question correctly. Items are on EthNFTOwnersPending because they are on pending status :sweat_smile:

Until the transaction is completed, the NFT will be on the seller’s account and, accordingly, will be displayed in his profile.

Then my problem is that the transaction is never confirmed until another one is completed.

Do you use local Ganache network?

in metamask it says the transaction is confirmed

yes I use Ganache…

The fact is that you are using ganache and its work is specific. Ganache waits for blocks to be mined and every transaction mines one block

P.S. If you will use a test network (eg Rinkeby) then this problem will not occur.

ok thanks for the advise. But in the youtube tutorial he doesn’t have such problems. Why?


Because in YouTube tutorial we didn’t wait for blocks for confirmation

It was a feature added later

And why I don’t see that anyone has the same issue. Shouldn’t we all have it now?

There were many users who mentioned the same confusion in the forum. Others understood it by themselves because that’s how ganache works. One transaction, one block.

For example - NFTs stuck in the 'pending' table

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

ok thaks for your help guys.