What's the chain code for Solana in the NFT API?

All web searches for Moralis NFT API (to even see if you had one) go to the same place - the Moralis NFT API. I’ve used this a bit for Eth today, with Python.

But what the heck is the chain code for Solana though? It’s not SOL.
Maybe this is a stupid question.
Or maybe you could please document your API a little better when the options for chain selection include things like “0x15b32” in addition to obvious ones like “Eth”. What even is that anyway?

Looking at articles like this for example

I can’t see the chain for Solana specified anywhere in the screenshots or text. But the implication is that the API will work for Solana.
I’ve searched this forum and googled and can’t find what the shortcode for Solana would be in the list of options you have in your API, none of them seem to be it?

Hi @JimBob, the Solana endpoints are not the same as the EVM ones, you can check the Solana API page here where you will find all the available endpoint for Solana.

Oh I see
So the NFT API for sol is… not very useful at all.

Does anyone know of any other API that can be used to get all NFTs by Contract for Solana projects?

We are planning to improve our solana endpoints very soon. So if you have any suggestion for solana NFT endpoints you can post on the below site. Our product manager will have a look at it.:raised_hands:

I mean, basically everything you can do with Eth, so we can be cross-chain…

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