What's the average Gas fees for minting NFT on polygon main-net and Ethereum main-net

What’s the average cost for minting an NFT on Ethereum mainnet through moralis in USD please?

it can depend on what the mint function is doing, but on polygon will be cheaper and more predictable and on ethereum mainnet it can depend a lot from one hour to another hour in same day because of the gas price that fluctuates.

this doesn’t depend on Moralis, Moralis doesn’t do anything here more than helping in sending the transaction easier with functions like executeFunction

If we are using contract of making rarible clone as seen on youtube what will be the cost, just can we know the rough cost difference between polygon and etherscan on one listing/one minting item on marketplace.

maybe it could be less than $1 for polygon in gas fees and it could be $20-$100 on ethereum mainnet