What the alert banner means?

I saw some info under the chrome navigator address bar, which said:

Good news!

Moralis automatically updates metadata.

Here is how it works
Whenever you request a token using the endpoints below if will be queued for refresh.


In a few days we will also add that no matter which endpoint you call - if that endpoint returns any NFTs they will all be scheduled for refresh. That will include the following endpoints:


The goal is that whenever an NFT token is requested by anyone using Moralis through any endpoint - that token will be scheduled for refresh.

Cool-Off Period
Refreshing metadata is resource intensive - therefore we have a cool-off period during which the same token canโ€™t be refreshed more than once.

If the token_uri points to IPFS - we allow refreshing every 10 minutes for each individual token.

If the token_uri doesnโ€™t point to IPFS but to a third party server - we allow refreshing every 1 hour for each individual token.

it is an announcement, for how metadata sync works now