What is this error

i receive this eror in console

what is problem

I followed your training video, but when I started the program, I got this error
I installed all the dependencies mentioned in the video

The module part is not the file that says this, I mean index.js

Hey @parham,

which video are you following? Can you provide the link and let us know till what minute did you face the issue?

When the signin and user files were created, it was sent to the browser for testing

Hi @parham

The error you are seeing is related to node modules. Try deleting the node modules and installing again.

Also please check this docs. If there was any updated with the code in tutorial we would have update it here.

Please try with these and let us know if you still face any issues.

see also this error ?

Hey @parham,

THis is a known issue and we have reported to our devs for fixing this :raised_hands:

is this document valid?

Yes it is still valid @parham

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