What is the server rate limit on each of the plans?

Lately My app started hitting the rate limit quite often. Mostly on cloud functions.
Can’t seem to find what the limit is for the different plans. I saw it should support thousands of calls, but I seem to be throttled at about 60.

What are you doing in the cloud functions? any web3 API call or something?

Yes, Sorry.
Calls using Moralis.Web3API in the cloud code are getting rate-limited. After about 60, seems per minute…

what is the exact message that you get for that rate limit? asking because there are 2 possible rate limits

Here it is.
This is from a failed request and seems like it says only 63 requests used – “x-rate-limit-used”:“63”,

Error: This Moralis Server is rate-limited because of the plan restrictions. 
See the details about the current rate and throttle limits: {"x-rate-limit-limit":"1500","x-rate-limit-remaining":"59","x-rate-limit-remaining-ttl":"59","x-rate-limit-throttle-limit":"60","x-rate-limit-throttle-remaining":"5","x-rate-limit-throttle-remaining-ttl":"5","x-rate-limit-throttle-used":"63","x-rate-limit-used":"63"}

ok, this seems to be a rate limit from web3api, you can find some pricing information here: https://moralis.io/pricing/

for more info you can also contact Kresimir on Discord

It does say 1500 reqs/min which is no where near what I currently use (single dev user)

that is not really the number of requests, and compute units, that could be different, some requests could have more computes units: https://docs.moralis.io/misc/rate-limit#request-weights

I think this happened when using getting the balance of a user from a contract. A simple read, nothing special.
I’m just a 100% sure I didn’t use anywhere near 1500 requests.
Can maybe someone look into this?
It really seems to me like the error says I used 63/60 requests. Which is really not that much for an application server

that 63/60 may be for a second interval

That would mean that even in best case scenario that server won’t be able to service more than 60 users. That won’t work in production, and I don’t see any information about a limit per second on the paid plan.

that limit per second is there so that you don’t finish all the requests for that minute in only one second, but that limit can be updated later depending on your needs, Pro plan is only the first paid plan