What is the purpose of EVM Configuration?

I’ve just noticed that in server settings we can add multiple layer 2s to the EVM Configuration.

I was wondering, what is the purpose of this and what benefits can we achieve here?

I was hoping that if I enabled Matic and BSC, then sync and watch an address then we would be able to sync and watch events on the other chains, but this is not the case…

So what can we gain by enabling EVM Configuration for other chains?


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Hi. You’ve stumbled across a new feature that still needs some more UI work to be fully functional.

  • Enabling BSC and Polygon here will sync transactions from those networks into their corresponding tables. Instead of EthTransactions they will go into BscTransactions and BscTokenTransactions, etc
  • Soon the plugin UI will be updated to allow selecting which network Moralis should listen for the events on. Right now it defaults to the network the server instance was created with and there is no where in the UI to tell it differently (yet)

Wow, that’s awesome and exactly what I’ve been hoping to get out of Moralis. At the moment I’m using webhooks to sync to another database but this feature means I’ll be able use Moralis only.

Is there any chance you could give me some sort of ETA on this feature?

Thanks Jeremy!

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Will it be possible to use Moralis for smaller chains? IE to point it at an RPC server rather than have Moralis the organization run the node?

EDIT: or did the video I just saw re: connecting to Hardhat really what I’m looking for…?

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Hey @tsmoreau, hope you are ok.

I dont understand quite well your question, You mean moralis being capable to connect to your own node? Not for now, but it could be in a future (no ETA). For now, we only support the chains that we have in our server list.

Carlos Z

If you mean running a local node on your own computer for testing then yes. See:

If you mean running your own full node for a chain that we don’t support yet like Cosmos (ATOM) then no. The back end would not know how to sync transactions from such a chain anyway until the sync code is written for that particular chain.

If you mean running your own ETH full node and having Moralis use that instead of the dedicated full node Moralis uses already… then no.