What is the pricing model of Moralis?

Man! I love the project. Easiest web3 API in my opinion.

However, I cannot see a clear page or discussion about your pricing. How many request per month is included in your “free”? What are the pricing tiers?

I am afraid with vendor lock-in. Please make it clear. Thanks

Hi @kbaluyot

In development stage you can stay on the free plan. But if you want to increase your server/speedy-nodes limits contact @Kresimir discord: Kresimir#3615. We will add the pricing page later

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3600/min requestes to speedy nodes on free plan

Hey @kbaluyot! As dear Yomoo said, let me know any questions or concerns you may have.

The pricing is pay-as-you-go model. And depends on if you’re using the Moralis server as a complete backend infrastructure, fully managed by us, or just the API, or just the nodes. Therefore the pricing differs.

Please let me know more details on what you’re looking to achieve and what Moralis services are you using. I’ll gladly adress any doubts and confusion. Thanks!

@kbaluyot I now see your email from a few hrs before. Replying to your there