What is the nitro servers rate limit for calls from within cloud code only

I was reading through the docs but could not find any information for what I am looking for.

I dont make any moralis queries from the front-end directly, all I do is cloud function based. What is the rate limit per minute/day etc. when I query the database or call web3API functions from cloud functions?

when you query the database there is no rate limit, when you query web3api then it is the rate limit that you set in cloud code (if you pass the request to web3api call), and the rate limit that you have for your account

When I only run cloud functions on scheduled jobs with no user signed in, which account does it use then for rate limit? For example if I have my own backend in node and use moralis/node to call cloud functions, what user will get rate limited if nobody is logged in? All its doing is Moralis.start()

if there is no user then it will be as an unauthenticated user calls that cloud function

by default there will be only the rate limit of your account if you call web3api from cloud code directly

you can also call web3api without a server from nodejs, by using moralisSecret