What is 'block_number' in 'getTokenMetadata' method?

Hi, what is ‘block_number’ in ‘getTokenMetadata’ method, Web3 API?

Can you give an example of what you mean?

I have a similar code:

const tokenMeta = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenMetadata({
            chain: "bsc",
            addresses: ['0xb27adaffb9fea1801459a1a81b17218288c097cc'],
const {block_number} = tokenMeta[0];

I don’t understand what a block_number is.
I think this is a block for creating a contract, but it is not.
Сode above return block_number = 8242108, but real contract creation block is 5485676

I get this output:

address: "0xb27adaffb9fea1801459a1a81b17218288c097cc"
block_number: "8242108"
decimals: "8"
logo: null
logo_hash: null
name: "PooCoin"
symbol: "POOCOIN"
thumbnail: null
validated: 1

and yes, it doesn’t look like it is the block number when it was created. I could assume that it is the block number from when the information for this token was extracted, but I’m not sure of this

The information for that particular block number:

Block Height: 8242108
Timestamp: 91 days 20 hrs ago (Jun-12-2021 08:13:50 PM +UTC)
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Interestingly, it turns out that it is not clear what “block_number” is?