What IS and what IS NOT Open Source?

Hello, I want to be sure my project conforms to Open Source where possible.
@ivan prefer to verify instead of presume for many reasons,

Are all parts of Moralis Open Source

perhaps better to ask Which Open Source License is Moralis operating with?
and are there some components that are not Open Source of some form?

where is that boundary to connecting with code " OUT SIDE " Moralis.
Im thinking thats more tricky to articulate but should be more obvious by origin of code.

and are there any requirements in the Hackathon projects for using Open Source Licenses?

always good to know for sure




perhaps I inquire to more minds :man_teacher:
like @Mauro @thecil @Capplequoppe @filip @AdamFortuna
oh there is also @admins

clarity for all :sunny:

thank you


Hi Cacao

Moralis SDKs are all open source.
Moralis backend is not open source as it’s mostly infrastructure for spinning up blockchain nodes, coordinating, indexing and serving blockchain data. Ensuring availability, load balancing, backups etc

You can use Moralis for whatever you want, open source or non-open source projects.
Hackathon project doesn’t have to be open source as we want to encourage people to potentially build startups using Moralis in the hackathon and not everyone wants to open source their project at all times.


OK thanks.

Now I am thinking , to maintain an Open Source License on our project, at what point do we declare that our code is interfacing with non open source code or services via API or other wise for essential functions called directly from our code?

I have never had to consider which open source license to use beyond a full open source license. started as freebsd admin. and have only used linux n android for the past 15yrs.

by default I will proceed with out concern. 8)