What are we going to do with the shutting down of servers?


We built our whole system above moralis v1 with javascript which uses old style servers and application ids. We don’t have any experience on server side nodejs or nextjs or anything .Now on april 1 when the servers are closed, how are we going to auth our users etc? We are using many contract functions with current web3 api.

I hate when companies change everyhthing and force people to use or learn other things. What am i going to do now? pay $99 to continue our server, learn nextjs nodejs ? switch to ethers js what?

Please give me an advice.

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Hello, there is the option to migrate to a self hosted server that uses parse server, it will be a similar solution that uses cloud functions.

Here is the tutorial:

So, no ways to use v1 without a server ? (initialize with apikey?)

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There isn’t a way to use moralis v1 sdk without a managed moralis server or without a self hosted parse server.

Thank you for the hlep

We are in the usual situation

only a question… we can follow the tutorial for the self hosted server
and continue to use V1 sdk without problems?

Same question here… What if they depreciate v1 too _?

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You can use v1 without problems as log as it will work. We are not improving v1 sdk any more.

Why should I trust moralis and switch to v2? one da you may say we are not improving v2 anymore and you have to pay $100 to continue… I lost all my trust here. I wish you luck.

I’m saying that we are not improving v1 sdk any more not v2 sdk

yes, and i am saying what is the guarantee that you will not stop v2 at some point and change the system completely for v3 ? You can’t just shut down the system many people using. OMG this is a disaster man.

Hi Duffan,

Sorry for the inconvenience. We did notify customers about 4 month ago in December that we would be moving away from managed servers and focusing in the API with customers now being able to setup self-hosted options for increased security, handling of sensitive data and customization. (supported integrations here https://docs.moralis.io/#integrations) This was voted by the community as you can see on our roadmap https://roadmap.moralis.io/

Then about 1 month ago we also notified customers over email that we will finally (after about 4 months of the previous notification) be removing managed servers for all plans, including pro-plan, etc, with the option of keeping it for more time paying an extra, but the idea is to self-host, the $99 server is more for emergency purpose. So, this was not a sudden or capricious change, it was well thought for the benefit of our customers and our business at the same time and timely notifications where send so that customers could migrate their systems with no impact.

We recommend to check our email notifications for this kind of critical change within enough time and there should not be any problem in the future using our system. I don’t believe we will be making any major changes soon but if there are any, we will also notify with plenty of time for smooth transitions. This is a reality of almost any computer system, updates are needed from time to time and as long as they are implemented in a timely manner there is not problem. If you need any other help in this transition please let us know, we commit to provide the best service.

Thank you,
Moralis Support.