WebSocket Subscribe Limitation

I am currently in the phase of analyzing and testing your service.
Respect for your work and site, you are the best of all similar services offered on the web.

I’m wondering, if when I use subscription for real-time updates, I have to define for each subscription separately or I can do several in one.

For example, subscription for “EthTransactions” and “BscTransactions”, for each separately, create 2 websocket connections (analysis from DevTools/Network from Google Chrom)

If I were to use subscribe for “EthTransactions”, “EthBalancePending”, “EthTokenBalance”, “EthTokenTransfers”, “EthNFTTransfers” does that mean to create 5 websocket connections? Or it can all be set up in one connection?

Is there any limit when creating and using the subscribe option (amount of open websocket connections from a single IP address or limit by application)?

Thanks in advance for the reply.

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