Websocket Notifications not being received

Hi All,

i appear to be having a problem with receiving notications from a speedy bsc node via websockets. I was previously receiving notifications, but it stopped at some point today. This is a snippet of code that runs as a background service in a .net5 app & uses nethereum to connect to a speed bsc node websocket.

var clientws = new StreamingWebSocketClient("wss://speedy-nodes-nyc.moralis.io/SOME RANDOM GUID/bsc/mainnet/ws");
var transferToken = Event<TransferEventDTO>.GetEventABI().CreateFilterInput();
var ethLogsTokenTransfer = new EthLogsObservableSubscription(clientws);
            ethLogsTokenTransfer.GetSubscriptionDataResponsesAsObservable().Buffer(100).Subscribe(async log =>
     //handle batches of 100.

    //send batches of 100 transfer events to frontend
    await _hub.Clients.All.SendAsync("NEW_TOKEN_TRANSFER", transfers);

 await clientws.StartAsync();
 await ethLogsTokenTransfer.SubscribeAsync(transferToken);

Thanks in advance

I am having the same issue. Everything was working fine about 4 hours ago, but for at least 2 hours the Websocket connection has been either timing out or closing abruptly, without any reason given. Also no data is being returned for any request.

I am using speedy nodes for BSC, same issue for both mainnet and testnet.

Hey we will check thanks (be careful posting your full node url in public forums through, please keep it secret as it contains your account key)

Thanks Ivan, I have removed the key now.

Many thanks for the help.

@Def0 @renx

The problem was fixed! :mage:

Thank you for your patience :open_hands:
Happy BUIDLing :man_mechanic: