WebSocket connection lost with error code 4290 after few seconds

I am currently using the speedy node to show the list of pending Txs from bsc chain. However the web socket connection gets disconnected after few seconds of running the program. It shows hardly 20-30 txs, and then gets disconnected with the following errors

Connection lost with code 4290! Attempting reconnect in 3sā€¦
Unable to connect to Error: Unexpected server response: 429 retrying in 3sā€¦
Connection lost with code 1006! Attempting reconnect in 3sā€¦

Is there a way to get a reliable web socket end point for bsc chain?


Better to use a different node provider for this. Soon we will be discontinuing nodes.

It should be possible to do that, but you will get into rate limit issues (that 429 error code) on bsc because there are a lot of pending transactions on bsc and you also have to get them.

Thanks CryptoKid.
Do you have any suggestions for a different node provider?

Thanks, Sam

You can try chainstack: https://moralis.io/largenodes

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