Websocket connection closes after a few minutes

I am using the polygon wss endpoint with the ethers websocket provider but after a few mintues the connection is lost and it gives me the status code: 4290

Is there any page explaining the status codes?

Hey @michelsteege

Can you find out what actions you performed?

For example, did you send a lot of requests per second?

Yes i did :slight_smile: is there a rate limit, and if yes is there a way to increase it (maybe via a paid service?)

Hey @michelsteege
There is a rate limit. If it’s not enough for you you can DM @AdamFortuna (discord: Adam Fortuna#2377)

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Oke thank you, i will send him a message!

I have the same problem too. How do I DM here?

You can use the DM feature after you open the profile page in the forum. They have a “Message” option.


i think I also have the same problem, since I get a disconnection after a while. Is there any paid service to increase the rate?

Hey @nadamythos

Contact Kresimir#3615 in discord :raised_hands: