Webflow Moralis integration

Hello everyone, i want to use moralis in webflow, i need to use CDN cause i cannot install package with webflow. where are CDN located in documentation i couldn’t find it ?

Hi, moralis SDK is meant to be used in the backend, we dont have any client side packages right now.
If you can make api requests with webflow you can build a custom backend and send requests to it to get your data.

Or you could send api requests directly to our REST endpoints, but this will expose your api key to the browser

Thanks you very much for your response Iulian !!! Actually I’m using Wized.com : it’s a no-code tools to build web app made for webflow, there is an option to make api key secret… do you think it’s enough for security ??

I tried to do authentication with curl directly but i don’t understand how to call metamask for user to sign when i get response from the the curl and user don’t seem to be created on my moralis dashboard despite successful response. any idea on that ?

Thanks a lot

Hey @Jonny3,

when considering security, I think it really depends on the vendor itself. In this case wized.com, but generally if api key secret is a secrets manager, it should be good to safe it there as long as you believe their security is sufficient.

How are you calling Metamask through curl? I’m not very sure in this case how it goes.