Web3UiKit Modal Size

I am using the web3uikit library to experiment with my UI. I am using the Modal component, and I am having trouble changing the size of the modal. Currently, the modal takes up most of the screen, and I want to limit the modal to about 380px. Can you do this, and if so, how. Thanks in advance.

Hey best to ask web3uikit related question in our #web3uikit channel in Discord :raised_hands:

I found this on a storybook built by E*Trade. Hope it helps!

Sizing the Modal

By default, the Modal component will return a medium modal. If you need a small or large Modal, set size to lg or sm:

<Modal size='lg' />
<Modal size='sm' />


This looks promising if it’ll work in out, it’s funny too. https://dev.to/itz_giddy/the-right-way-to-resize-reactstrap-s-modal-component-302o

Found this if it helps:

Hey @DappThatApp

We will add a customisable sizing for the Modal in coming versions :raised_hands:

@DappThatApp thanks for the feedback! If you want this feature right now why not make a pull request to our kit, we REALLY welcome community contributions =]