Web3uikit - How to fill table with map function

Can anybody help me with correct syntax for filling in Table data using java script map function?

Seam like I do not now how to handle {{}} nested curly brackets…

          columnsConfig="80px 3fr 2fr 2fr 80px"
            {detail && detail.map(fight, index) => (
              <Avatar theme="image" />,
              'Moralis Magi',
              <Tag color="blue" text="Nft Collection"/>,
              <Icon fill="black" size={32} svg="more vert"/>
          onPageNumberChanged={function noRefCheck(){}}
        />`Preformatted text`

Hey man, for web3uikit question better ask in Discord web3uikit channel :raised_hands:

thank you, I already did my friend. have a nice day

and based on your syntax I think like this should work :thinking:

data={detail && detail.map ...}

no need other brackets