Web3uikit ConnectButton - how to force rerender for wallet balance?

I’m experimenting with the web3uikit ConnectButton component, but I can’t get it to rerender (aside from a hard refresh on the page that rerenders everything).

I’ve tried wrapping the ConnectButton in another component and forcing that component to rerender (everything other than the ConnectButton rerenders). I’ve tried adding extra state variables to the ConnectButton (and forcing those state variables to change).

No matter what I try, I can’t get the ConnectButton to rerender.

Does anyone know how to force it to rerender?

Hey @frustrated,

I’m not too sure about this :thinking:

But you can reach out to the web3uikit devs directly about this by creating an issue in the GitHub repo directly https://github.com/web3ui/web3uikit/issues/new

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