Web3Auth - react-Moralis integration


I followed the video for the integration with Web3Auth, and it does not work, only the metamask login works fine.

The error I get is a POST 429, whatever I use (gmail, Facebook, mail, etc.)

Any clue ?

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You can look at this example

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Hey pe_chaut, have you found the solution? I have the same problem.

Can you post more details e.g. what you’re doing in code, which versions of Moralis / react-moralis / web3auth packages you are using.

Have you looked at the example linked above by qudusayo?

Yes, it appears to be a block from infura because I’ve been logging in / clearing local storage for too many times while testing the app. At least this is what MDN suggests. Hope they’ll lift it soon.

Have you tried using the rpcTarget parameter (where you can set a different RPC URL for the chain you’re using) in your Web3Auth authentication options?

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No, but I will try and post here. Thank you.


They lifted the ban after about 12 hours so it’s working normally. But I’ll keep your suggestion in mind shall this repeat. Thank you.

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