Web3auth Provider with avalanche chainId?

Has anyone had success setting Avalanche (or any chain) as the default for the web3auth provider?

When I try this:

const user = await Moralis.authenticate({
          provider: "web3Auth",
          theme: "light",
          chainId: "avalanche",

I get

walletInitializationError: Invalid params passed in, rpcTarget is required in chainConfig at Function.fromCode

Same result with: chainId: 0xa86a

Did you later get this to work ?

I never did get it working, but i moved away form this approach a few months ago so I am not sure if it is working now.

They said it works for avalanche C chain

How did you try to set that chain id parameter?


here is an example how to set chainId:

Can you try with Moralis.Chains.AVAX_MAINNET ?

Hey, I am using react typescript and setting
chainId: Moralis.Chains.AVAX_TESTNET
in the authenticate method with “web3Auth” as provider returns a type error where type “EChains” can’t be assigned to type “number”.
Any work around ?

You can change it to a number:

chainId: Number(Moralis.Chains.AVAX_TESTNET)

Thanks for your answer.
Sadly it’s not fixing the issue.
Here is my snippet:

		await authenticate({
			provider: "web3Auth",
			chainId: Number(Moralis.Chains.AVAX_TESTNET),

On the auth trigger, it’s creating inside the DOM an empty <section id="w3a-container"> whereas if I remove the chainId then web3Auth is triggered as it should but with Ethereum.

Do you get any console errors? Try using another chain e.g. POLYGON_MUMBAI to see if the modal shows up.

No console errors, and its working as it should with POLYGON_MUMBAI but not with AVAX_MAINNET/TESTNET

You may need to change the RPC. For now until it’s available in a future SDK version where you can pass in the RPC directly into authenticate, you can test it locally by making a change similar to the one here and change the chainId and RPC e.g. if (chainId === 0xa869) {.

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Is it okay to ship in prod with this method?
thanks for your help!

You could either fork the SDK or patch it to make this change (as mentioned in that post I linked), or you could use a custom connector similar to this and change it there. The second option would be easier.

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