Web3Auth change user wallet

Dear Moralis,

I’ve been looking into Web3Auth for a while now, I came across Web3Auth.io first and eventually Moralis. Moralis might be our go-to choice since Moralis supports also chain and nft apis.

But I got a question about Web3Auth. What if a user have signed in with Google, they obviously get an wallet address created in the background. But what if that user decides to create an address via MetaMask or TrustWallet. Are they able to login with Google and change their created wallet address somehow or do they need to create an new login using the WalletConnect?

Regards Boris

Hey you’ll need to sign out, then connect to Metamask or WalletConnect. So essentially do new login.

Also it doesn’t work like that changing the address, also keep in mind you don’t create an address with Metamask, you simply connect with it and will have the Metamask address that you hold.

Hi @YosephKS ,

Thank you for your quick reply, alright that makes more sense. I’ve been reading through the docs and saw something about merging adresses if you use MetaMask (https://v1docs.moralis.io/moralis-dapp/users/merging-addresses). But that is obviously not working with Web3Auth then. So there is no way to merge accounts together the same way as MetaMask deals with it?

Thank you in advance,


It’s possible to merge accounts using Moralis.link after authenticating with web3Auth. You should request an account maybe using enableWeb3 and provider as metamask or using window.ethereum, and from there you can extract the account and merge it.

Thank you for your help! Will setup a test app today to test everything through. Wish you all a great day and thanks again for the help.