Web3Auth authentication with with React native

Is Web3Auth authentication not yet supported for react native ?
i’ve installed the react native web3auth package and set my authentication provider as “web3Auth” and set my clientId than after calling the function nothing happens just an undefined user is returned.
Am i missing something ?

Do you see any errors in the browser console?
You can use authError from useMoralis() hook to check errors that happened during authentication.

authError gives that i need to install @web3auth/web3auth, i installed it than it gave me an error i think because it is not compatible with react native.
Error is: While trying to resolve module superstruct from file /node_modules/@solana/web3.js/lib/index.native.js

Are you using Solana in your project? For that error, have a look at this page.

No its weird, i’am not using Solana i’am working with an EVM chain but after installing @web3auth/web3auth i’m not able anymore to start my app due to the previous error.
Do we have any sample for using web3auth & moralis with react native ? it is working with web but not with react native

There’s no official demo/example for Web3Auth/Moralis in a React-Native app.

Did you try any of the solutions in that link? Can you post your package.json?