Web3API tokenIdOwners not shown/out of sync

Hi, I just minted an NFT on BSC Mainnet. It’s shown in the contract and also in the BscNFTOwners table. But the tokenIdOwners() function from Web3API is not returning any result.

NFT Contract:

Mint txn:

There’s only one nft right now.


Ok, it looks like it could be related to the problem that we already know about


x = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenIdMetadata({address:“0x222bd82b4745c0929d20010f473a80fd197208ce”, token_id: “1”, chain: “bsc”})

it doesn’t return anything.

Any idea on when it will be resolved?

it may not be today, we are also still having some problems with BSC speedy nodes