Web3API.token.getTokenIdMetadata pulls invalid token_uri

Hey Moralis team, loving your product so far. Trying to resolve some data discrepancy issues before stepping on the gas and going to production. Hoping for assistance.

Please run the below SDK call to fetch token metadata to see incorrect token_uri:

const options = {
  address: '0x3be9a0391a128d19f9eb0f823d19603246adf444',
  token_id: '189',
  chain: 'polygon'

const metadata = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenIdMetadata(options);
// token_uri: https://ipfs.moralis.io:2053/ipfs/QmZLVDvgHfo9cn445mBQR3JbzAtb7zanqwM9NqEHz2yvWe/189.json

The returned token_uri cannot be accessed https://ipfs.moralis.io:2053/ipfs/QmZLVDvgHfo9cn445mBQR3JbzAtb7zanqwM9NqEHz2yvWe/189.json

Just checked through and noticed the some information here https://ipfs.moralis.io:2053/ipfs/QmZLVDvgHfo9cn445mBQR3JbzAtb7zanqwM9NqEHz2yvWe/ rather.

The issue here is actually from the minting of the NFT where the owner didn’t fix the token_uri properly before minting.
No content available on opensea too for the 220 NFT of the contract address due to the invalid uri.

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Thanks @qudusayo, it indeed looks like a developers’s mistake.

btw do you know if Moralis’ IPFS mirror caches IPFS content or it simply proxies requests into ipfs://?