Web3API possibility to filter on tokenid


Thank you guys for the amazing Web3API. I was wondering if there is a possibility to filter NFT’s on multiple token ids instead of one. In our solution we have a few token ids from different owners in a single contract. (with possible about 20-500k NFT’s in there) For now I’m using the getNFTsForContract, but I have to make multiple calls to retrieve all the info for the token ids to fetch.

Another option might be to support request batching, so it’s possible to batch the token_id single request.

I was wondering if there might be a solution already?

With kind regards,
Henk ter Harmsel


If you have only one contract that you need info for it, maybe you could get all the info daily for all the token ids from that contract and save it in your Moralis server internal db.

Thanks for the fast reply. I thought about that already, but I need the data real-time and there will also be multiple contracts, so that’s not an option sadly.