web3Api nft/{address} returning duplicate token id's in subsequent page/offset requests

When I run the API call for nft/0x4431DDab969B322C62825752388387f0Cd251947 it returns the first 500 tokens, I then run a subsequent call/s to fetch the balance using the offset param, and this seems to retrieve some tokens already fetched in the first/previous call. The number of duplicates in the second/third calls are not consistent.

This process worked perfectly 1 to 2 weeks ago.

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Until we fix this problem, you could try to use ​/nft​/{address}​/owners endpoint with an order parameter like: order=block_number_minted.DESC,token_id.DESC

Awesome! Will give this a try now. whats the ETA for the fix?

this is also return duplicates

from what I know this also returns duplicates without a too specific order

ordering by token_id.ASC return duplicates and seems like doesnt work at all

that is what i receive with token_id.ASC, first token_id is ```

and if you try: block_number_minted.DESC,token_id.DESC ?

let me try^ also, to many times i received 504(

there is two different results. seems like ordering just doesnt work

offset is 0

i just make this call few times and got different results

this is with block_number_minted.DESC,token_id.DESC

update, order is not working now, for performance reasons it was disabled and we are working on fixing it

thank you. could you please clarify if you have some time estimate?

I don’t have an exact time estimate now, team is working on it

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This seems to have been resolved.

the duplicate token ids problem has been resolved, but for now the order parameter is still ignored