Web3Api (getTokenIdMetadata) metadata returns null

The Web3Api query (getTokenIdMetadata) does not return metadata. The metadata response is null.

server: https://rohepfjopost.usemoralis.com:2053/server

maybe it is something specific to a particular token id and contract

do you have an example when it it null?
sometimes it is expected to be null, for example if the token_uri doesn’t work



ok, you can try to resync metadata, it should work


No changes for me :frowning:

it looks like it doesn’t work for me either

@melnichin1407 it will need some time to resync, it seems to work well for me

Okay, I learned another bug, if I download everything from the usual mockapi then everything is ok, if from ipfs storage - metadata: null

you mean that it seems that ipfs url has some problems in this context?

i’m not sure, but it is

I make a few test, and all ipfs tokens don’t have metadata

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So what should i do?

you can wait until we fix that problem with that particular type of url

can you try again now to see if it works?