Web3API - Function Error getNFTsForContract

I have been using the same code for a while now and it’s just started returning an error to me.
Any known issues at the moment or has anything changed so I now can’t do what I was previously doing by fetching items from the web3Api?

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Hey @EpicWebs

Please share your server subdomain :raised_hands:

Here you go: wtxcx2m5e7hl.grandmoralis.com


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it should work now, can you check?

That is working now, thanks. What was the issue, is this something we have to worry about when we go to production? We can’t really afford to have the site just drop out, so if this is something we are doing or able to combat, it would be good to know.

Thanks for the fix.

It looks like it was an internal problem to Moralis API in particular and not something related to your server in particular.

Is that something that is likely to happen again?

As any tech we may have outages

But as we scale our systems they are becoming more robust so with time our goal is to have next to zero such occurrences

Ok, thanks for letting me know!