Web3Api account getNFTs return empty on mumbai

contractAdress(mumbai): 0x9efA2D7893952399f2bc0110926BbA595C3933a4

contractAdress(rinkeby): 0x20dc78c39cD4E2f0965D76B48B21520B0B3F5B84

my walletAddress: 0xe0e28F8D4b5Bc13D3dEDFC1157760bf814C6Fd65

I mint NFTs to contract on Mumbai chain.

but I use Web3Api.user.getNFTs in my admin page

return empty array.

I can get NFTs in another contract on rinkeby chain.

how can I resolve?

You can try to sync the contract with nft/{address}/sync api

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thank you for replying!
after a while, I attempt one more, I can properly get NFTs in admin.

It may be temporary bag.

for reference sharing my solution,
getNFTs of usemoralisweb3API can’t working on mumbai,
I can work with axios and web3API even on mumbai