Web3API.account.getNFTs don't show token_uri

I’m trying to change from Web3.getNFTs to Web3API.account.getNFTs, but i have an issue with the response, using the new Web3API it shows all the token_uri as null.

i have pictures but can’t post them.

the result with Web3API.account.getNFTs

binance smart chain testnet,
account: 0x239d34DF6cDa1844E6E2A190C66ea76B9ca902C0
nft contract address: 0xeA4bB3Aa1e2B32F52aE82e94989802e19EA90544

the result with Web3.getNFTs

I also see different results (using moralis sdk version 0.0.35 and moralis server version 0.0.250) for Moralis.Web3.getNFTs({address: "0x239d34DF6cDa1844E6E2A190C66ea76B9ca902C0", chain: "bsc testnet"}) and for
Moralis.Web3API.account.getNFTs({address: "0x239d34DF6cDa1844E6E2A190C66ea76B9ca902C0", chain: "bsc testnet"})