Web3 UI Kit for Dapp project

is this really what we need to install?
npm install web3uikit

is thiat work on latest react?
because using that have lot of issue and asking more dependency

You don’t need to use Web3UIKit but it’s a good place to get started as it covers authenticating and has lots of useful components.

What issues or errors are you getting?

The team is working on making it work with the latest version of react. In case that you still have problems you can use the previous version of react.

Hey! Can you try to run yarn add web3uikit. This should install the package and should work even with react 18. If you don’t have yarn installed run npm i yarn -g first, then run yarn add web3uikit.

when using it with react latest version it acting weird and asking more library

what version of react i can use to run web3 ui kit?

You can try with react 17.0.2 , it should work properly in this version

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Web3 UI Kit can this be also use with Vue js?

there are some issues with moralis and vue if im not wrong. you can test it out but im not sure if it will work.

i see just curious about it
thank you

Some users are using Vue fine in development but having issues with deployment. Keep that in mind if you want to use Vue.