Web3 Twitter Clone - Helping Each Other

Lets use this thread to support each other with questions regarding the Web3 Twitter Clone Project :star_struck:

Read instructions: https://academy.moralis.io/courses/web3-twitter-clone

Feel free to ask for help here - but also ensure YOU HELP people that are asking questions you know the answers to

The Moralis staff and community managers will be keeping an eye on this too :star_struck:

Hello I have an issue with the upload a banner function in “settings”.
When I choose a picture and click save, nothing is happening.

In the saveEdits function:

await myDetails.save();

It seems not working. It works when I only edit Name and Bio. They are edited in the Moralis User Table.

I have also the exact same issue with the finalized version of the project downloaded from the Moralis GitHub.

I see the following errors in the console:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 ()
Uncaught (in promise) Error: schema mismatch for _User.banner; expected Object but got String
at handleError (RESTController.js:438:1)

Thanks for your help.

You can try using another server. That issue is probably related to this. Data - Moralis

Thanks, I just created a new server and now it works.

I have another problem in this tutorial. My nfts don’t appear in “Profile Image (Your NFTs)” in Settings. I checked on opensea testnet mumbai and I see them. I have the feeling that moralis doesn’t see my mumbai nfts. I also checked in the “ethereum boilerplate” and it’s the same issue, Moralis doesn’t see my NFTs. Is there a way to check where the problem could come ?

Are you connecting with the right wallet? What is your address?

Run a getNFTs API call on your address with Mumbai.

Has anyone being able to make the like, comment and retweet work?

Do you mean adding this functionality? As it’s not covered in the tutorial. You can ask in the #web3-twitter channel on the Discord if anyone else has done or tried it.

Hi I’m using this Twitter clone for my project & is working fine but I have few requirements & curious if it’s even possible or not

  1. on the tweets page where all the tweets are listed I want to view another user’s profile by clicking the profile name of the tweet & after viewing another user’s profile there should be a follow button (like the actual twitter have & show the total follower count on profiles page ) @thecil @alex @Deckard @whixbeatz

Hey, I have a doubt related to data in database.
So can the blockchain tweet data stored in the moralis database be altered by database administrator?
Because, if the data in not blockchain type then i know we can change it by editing the respective table column. I have implemented this non matic tweet part and hence know that i can change atleast this data as i am the server db admin.
I don’t want this data in the db to be changed if it is a matic tweet. Is it possible.

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Yes data in your Moralis database can be altered. You could apply restrictions but it could always be changed later. If the tweet data is on the blockchain, you can query the contract for this data instead.

Home feed is fetched off chain from the database. How to fetch from the blockchain? And what tweets are shown in Home, everyone who has posted to the contract?