Web3 Insecure Credential Storage

Hi, I’m new to coding and Moralis/Web3.

My workstation/Laptop: Ubuntu Linux ver. 21.10.
I just set up a server (testnet), installed visual studio code and headed to the terminal of it to install Moralis through npm, but got the folowing “surprise” during installation of moralis:

Here is the encountered issue, it seems that there’s no fix for it?

npm audit report

web3 *
Insecure Credential Storage - https://npmjs.com/advisories/877
No fix available
moralis ***
** Depends on vulnerable versions of web3


I googled around to look for circumventing this and tried to find an example of a succesfull npm moralis install, but nowhere to be found. Has someone succesfully installed moralis through npm without encountering this issue?

Hi @fouad

Could you share the console screenshot?

here are the screenshot:

We need to upgrade web3 to 1.3.6, the team is on it thanks for the report :raised_hands:

Great to hear and my pleasure.