Web3 Front-end Integration Issue

Hey Moralis,

We are experiencing an issue with the front-end integration with our smart contract.

We are following this tutorial video on implementing the ERC1155 NFT Smart Contract. (https://www.youtube.com/watchv=tBMk1iZa85Y&t=7431s&ab_channel=MoralisWeb3)

However, once we reach the Web3 section on the main.js (57:21 in the video) the developer tools for us is showing only one token id instead of 2. Here is the image for reference.

We have used the solution provided by the Moralis forum. But it still does not show the correct amount of token(NFT).

Here is our main.js & index.html code so far.

We can’t seem to find a solution to fix the issue. It would be great if you could assist us in solving this issue.

Hi @cky

We had some problems with indexing NFTs, not sure if it was fixed. Could you please send this example address?

Hey @Yomoo

I see, alright. What do you mean by the example address? Is it the example contract address?

now that problem should be fixed, do you still see a wrong number of NFTs?