Web3 Ethereum password

I have three accounts on Metamask, but because of my trading nature i need to have most of my funds in the wallet.
So my question: is there a way on web3 script/code or any other program to implement like one password for all addresses to confirm transactions? For example every time i want to send funds from any of my wallets i will be asked for a password.
I search the web, didnt found nothing useful.

This is a question related to MetaMask?

Not really, my question arises on ETH blockchain actually. Meaning that password apply to certain ETH private key/address.

I think that you could do that only for a custom smart contract that you write, but not for any transaction on blockchain

Sry yes, smart contract more logical. So is an option to to that with web3 or some other script? i saw on web3 you can do a lot of stuff, but didnt found what im looking for.
ps. i m not IT guy :slight_smile: