Web3 Authenticate

Hi, just a quick questions…
currently if user clicks “login” if metamask is installed it directly conencts to metamask … or if window.ethereum is not available it opens walletconnect… but is something like this on the picture possible? so the person can select if it wants to have metamask or walletconnect?

Thanks for help

I think that it is possible, you display both options and then you have to know what was the used option in case that you need to use enableWeb3 later

yeah i mean i could just give the person the option to click on a button called “metamask” or “walletconnect” but in general i am asking if moralis is providing a popup like this. Not every person with metamask installed in browser wants to directly use his metamask… what if he wants to use a wallet from his phone… so thats why i have to give my users at least the option to select. but if this popup is not available itself from moralis, i think i have to make it on my own :slight_smile: would not be a problem

you can check web3uikit: https://github.com/web3ui/web3uikit#connectbutton-

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Thank you very much!

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