Web3 API servers crashing consistently when calling getBlock

I’m trying to do something that (I think) should be pretty basic, but it’s consistently causing my web3 api servers to hang after a few hours. It’s happening on bsc, polygon, avax & fantom.

The servers are brand new, not customised at all except to increase user rate limits. I don’t have anything installed on them. All I’m doing is this:

Moralis.start Moralis.Web3API.native.getBlock

Between 0.5-2x per second. After a while this starts happening:

  • requests start taking a long time (60+ seconds)
  • cpu at 100%
  • start getting 5xx errors
  • dashboard no longer works
  • server stops responding & doesn’t come back (despite no more requests being sent)

I don’t think throwing more cpu at the problem is the answer because clearly something is breaking with the server (it doesn’t come back after I stop sending requests).

Can someone shed some light on this?

Server urls:


how many times can you call that function successfully until this problem happens?

I’ve seen it crash within 30 mins but it can be up to several hours. So that would be 2000 requests give or take?

ok, how long does it take to crash this server?


this is one of my servers that is an upgraded version

I guess that if you restart/update the server everything comes back to normal

Thanks I’ll let it run on this server for a while.

Seems to be stable so far. Was it just the version that was upgraded, or does this one have higher cpu specs as well?

This one has higher CPU specs

what is the code that you used?

I’m just calling Moralis.start, then Moralis.Web3API.native.getBlock. For 1-2x blocks per second. That’s it. Any ideas why that might be crashing the server? I don’t think it’s a memory leak since mem usage doesn’t go to 100%. But the cpu stays pinned at 100% even after I stop sending requests.

I’m noticing the request time has increased on your server to 45-90 seconds. It was previously 5-10s for fantom & avax. Maybe it’s starting to die as well.

Yes, that server is not working well now, it has some high CPU usage

Can you also try to do a test where you call web3api from a could function using a http request instead of using web3api from sdk?

Ok let me figure out how to do that

Ok so same behaviour when using cloud functions. It takes a bit longer to cause the server to go 100% cpu and stop responding (like 4-8 hrs) but it still happens. This time some of the servers would still respond for a brief minute, but when I start running getBlock on them they almost immediately go unresponsive. Something with the server is obviously not cleaning up after itself.

I think the servers need a dev to look at them when they’re in this state to see what’s consuming the cpu.

How did you call the api from the cloud function?

Did you use the api key with a http request or the web3api call available?

I’m calling it with a http request using the api key

Ok, strange. Now, can you try with a different http request, that only reads the data from an url to see if it replicates?

Ok I’m calling a cloud function via http that only returns the param it was sent. It returns quickly in about 200 ms, cpu is at 10% and so far no degradation.

What’s the next step?