Web3 APi query error

GET under the TOKEN heading from the web3 API section. I am querying from the /erc20/{address}/transfers section. As in the screenshot, although there is a transaction in the blockchain, when I query from your system, a transaction does not return. Can I get information about this subject?

I need the exact example so that I can test

My Bsc Address : 0xC8E630b101d6fa69A239Ba09313ecA2C6468789F
Scan : https://bscscan.com/address/0xc8e630b101d6fa69a239ba09313eca2c6468789f#tokentxns

1- Login to moralis.io site.
2- Go to the web3 Api tab
3- Go to /{address}/erc20/transfers section
4- press the try button.
5- Select Chain as BSC
6- Paste the address below from the address section.
7- Press the EXECUTE button. The result is returning โ€œnullโ€.


we will investigate, thanks for the detailed example

After an average of 12 hours, moralis.io came up on the web3 API screen. thatโ€™s a very long time.
is there any other solution to get transfers faster?

that isnโ€™t the expected behaviour, we will have to investigate it in more details, it could be something related to our caching

is there any progress?

it should be fixed now, can you try again?

now I see a problem with the definition of reserves in a pair of BSC


Undocumented Error: response status is 400

Response body


  "message": "No reserves data found for pair"

and there are reserves https://bscscan.com/address/0x0f8e31ce605f225c336dead35304d649ae8fad04

This should now be resolved.

BNB and ETH : 0x32c09e5440433ef2d3450143046487ad82d23cf1

Both BNB and ETH were sent 14 hours ago. But Iโ€™m scanning through Moralis. The result is returning โ€œNULLโ€. There was no such problem before.

Which endpoint are you using that is missing data and for which chain(s)? E.g. getNativeBalance seems to be ok with that address.