WEB3 API paging not working

Hi, i’m experiencing some issues regarding paging for endpoint: /{address}/nft/{token_address}

pretty sure it worked before, but somehow now it doesn’t even accept ‘offset’ parameter

is this a bug or am i missing something from my side


If offset no longer works, you’ll need to use the cursor parameter. Cursor will return the next page based on the previous query’s cursor.

Oh so we cant use offset anymore?

i’m okay with using cursor
but did i miss the announcement on dropping ‘offset’ parameter for web3 api?

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Don’t think there was one sorry. There’s a few endpoints that still use offset but I think the idea is to have offset completely replaced with cursor eventually.

It looks like many of the endpoints have had offset removed? This breaks my application. What if a user wants to view a dynamic page such as page 100? If using cursor, you would have to iterate through all of the pages up until that page, thus eating my rate limit. Is there any work around?


you could cache the data in a database, and iterate once, this may work only when same data is requested frequently, or to allow only to iterate one page at a time