Web3 api nft/contract_adress/owners issue


I’m trying to get the owners of an NFT collection with:

But some tokens have several entries, like if they were duplicated.
The collection has 10k NFTs but I can gather 10’037 with the request.
Moreover, the tokens that are duplicated show different owners, so that’s a mess.

As an example, I get the NFT #9486 twice, with 0x712bec7191c264109d385de8d36b2e746b31696a, its current owner but also with 0xee55918d2fd4a1fed4a6c6f8878dd3f8ff08abd5 its previous owner.

They always arrive just after one another in the Moralis response.

Looks like that’s a bug right?

that look like a bug, do you see the older owner with amount 0?

Looks like it’s fixed, now the request gives me 10k tokens, ok if it happens again, I’ll check the amount field, that could do the trick, Thanks!

I think that we just fixed the problem few minutes ago