Web3 API “nft/address/transfer” not ordered

Hello, I’m trying to use your nft/address/transfer Web3 API Call for 0x62cdaf466511888792c8c413239baa70f57f1654 but I’m not getting the right data. Who should I ask for? Can you please check?
From your outputs the latest transaction is from two days ago, while if you check on opensea the NFTs has been traded twice today: https://opensea.io/collection/guardians-of-the-metaverse?tab=activity
I think the “order” filter is not working, I used block_timestamp.DESC

Yes, order filter is not working now, we are working on fixing it.
We don’t have an exact ETA now.

there is a fix now in production that gives consistent output for pagination, as in no duplicates, but order parameter is still ignored

Thank you, any chance you can help me understand how this could help me? The only solution I have in mind is to get all the data through your API by using multiple API calls but it’s highly inefficient.

Also it would be nice to have a filter for “transaction_occured_after —> timestamp” as done by opensea, but yes this would be like the optimal solution I think.

what you need is to get somehow latest data ordered by timestamp so that you can process only what is new in last few hours or days?

Yes exactly, just past 3 days.

on what endpoint in particular you need that (nft/address/transfer)?

Currently working on:




it will be possible to do that in the future, this was only a fast fix

Right, how will I know when the order feature will be available again? Until then I think I’ll go with the inefficient solution, hopefully I won’t get blocked by too many api calls… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I’ll get back to you when that future will be available again

Is there any update on ETA?

we are working on it, I don’t have an exact ETA now