[WEB3 API] Incorrect response for /erc20/{address}/transfers

Hi, I have a problem with /erc20/{address}/transfers API endpoint.
I expected a response with all transactions of the ERC20 token, the contract address of which is specified in the request. But I receiving now only transactions where the address from the request is presented in “from” or “to” field of the response.
So now /erc20/{address}/transfers and /{address}/erc20/transfers requests return the same data.

Can you share the parameter which is returning the same data.

For example:

It seems like /{address}/erc20/transfers is also accepting contract address, which it shouldn’t as per the docs.
Maybe it is also considering contract address to get the erc20 transfers.

Don’t know if it is a feature or bug :smile:

I think - its a bug. Because /{address}/erc20/transfer should return transactions where {address} presented in “to” or “from” field.
And /erc20/{address}/transfer should return transactions where {address} presented in “address” field

now I think that /erc20/{address}/transfer doesn’t return the expected data, we’ll have to investigate

Hi, Maybe you have updates for this case?
Is it a bug? If yes, maybe you have an ETA of the fix?

I don’t have an update now for this case. It looked like a bug to me.

Maybe you have updates on this case?

It is not fixed yet, we will investigate more next week on how to fix this.