Web3 API Failed Fetching ERC1155 Token URI

The NFT API fails to capture the token_uri or metadata of a ERC1155 contract on Fantom : https://deep-index.moralis.io/api/v2/nft/0x8B4dc268F1B28B1eD9F76B0C05CAA3D0a75953BC?chain=fantom&format=decimal

While the other contract with the exact same source code on Polygon works perfectly fine - 0x58FB2F1DA22C186be1dFEdEfC7140f97EC821eab

We already ran /nft/{address}/sync and metedata/resync APIs but it did not help.

Token URI can be read directly from contract - https://ftmscan.com/address/0x8B4dc268F1B28B1eD9F76B0C05CAA3D0a75953BC#readContract

we are working on fixing this problem

it should work now, can you try again?

Tried again but token_uri and metadata are still null.
Tried the sync_uri API but now it says {โ€œstatusโ€:โ€œThe metadata could not be updated! Try again laterโ€}

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We will work on fixing it today.