Web2 auth to web3 auth

Hi, i have a project with MERN stack, the project is a social media app where users can post content, edit their profile, and other social media features.
recently, we added a web3 feature where users can create NFT, mint NFT, and also transfer some crypto to another user’s wallet.
the question i wanna ask is :

  1. we want to change the auth method from web2 to web3 auth, so we want to let the user login/signup using their metamask or email, i wanna do the exact same thing like these videos : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44ItBuw86AA&t=485s
    can we implement that using node js? is there any docs for doing that? because the tutorial that I’ve found mostly uses the Moralis SDK for front-end

  2. for long term development, and scalability things, do you guys prefer we use node js SDK for all of the web3 function, or we can directly use Moralis SDK for React and configure everything in the front-end?

Disclaimer: im a beginner in web3 and moralis, so i hope you guys can help me answer my questions, thank you!

you can look at these tutorials that are specific to moralis 2.0:

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If you are using MERN, you are in full control of your app stack, so you can use the new 2.0 SDK in your backend which your React frontend interacts with.

Thank you for the advice! btw does Moralis have any docs to implement Magic Link Auth in Node js so we can login/register with email ?

There should be a tutorial specific to magic in the list of tutorials posted above.