Web host privacy error, SSL validation error when using a custom domain name

So I’m hosting at Moralis and re-directing a DNS to my site from a .app address. One end or the other isn’t quite set up right. Does anyone know what’s causing this, or how to fix it?!
Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 9.11.54 PM

I think that Moralis Server has a SSL certificate specific to moralis domain, and that is why it will not work with another domain name because the SSL certificate will not get validated.

Hm. Ok. Is there a way to update the SSL certificate on Moralis to be the referencing domain?

For now I don’t know of a way to update that SSL certificate.

Well consider this a #feature-ideas / #feature-request then, especially if we’re going to a commercial account.

Yes, I think that it is in plan to do that. I moved this thread to Suggestions and Improvements.

Thanks! I’ll keep an eye out for updates. :slight_smile:

I second this. Being able to use a custom domain with a Moralis hosted dApp is rather crucial, I hope this feature gets released soon.

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Does this applies to me trying to Mask my moralis site with a custom domain? (im not tech savvy/noob, so im not sure if re-directing DNS is equal to Masking or not)

Because i manage to mask it via namecheap, however only the http works, but the https didn’t.
Im not sure it’s moralis side or namecheap ssl side.

I don’t know now what masking does, http doesn’t use a ssl certificate, so in theory you could use dns redirection with http. Can you share your domain example in a private mesage?

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I’m in the same position… I managed to redirect to the server but If I mask it the html breaks because seems that the whole HTML is changed.
I removed the mask so now it is only redirecting to the moralis server.


we plan on having a way to set a custom domain soon

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