watchEthAddress not getting historical info

migrating to a new server, I’m trying to get historical tx and EthNFTOwners for user wallets, but it’s not working at the moment. Latest server version on
Tried through a plugin, cloud function and the JS Console like this:

const userAddress = '0xFAC18D92fA347B6d733300df893ab3db6D09301d'.toLowerCase()
await'watchEthAddress', {address: userAddress, 'sync_historical': true})

No tables are being created, no log errors.

Hey @matiyin

Please visit and run any request.

Let me know how it works. After that I will resync your DB

not exactly sure what you mean, but using
from the webApi does return results fine.

It looks like it worked fine for me on a new server, but I had to choose a rinkeby testnet server

Restart your server please

2021-10-02T11:34:58.329Z - Ran cloud function watchEthAddress for user undefined with:
  Input: {"address":"0xfac18d92fa347b6d733300df893ab3db6d09301d","chainId":"0x4","sync_historical":true}
  Result: undefined

restarted, no changes. Ran in JS console with chainId too. Running this in JS console should add tables right?

const userAddress = '0xFAC18D92fA347B6d733300df893ab3db6D09301d'.toLowerCase()
await'watchEthAddress', {address: userAddress, 'chainId':'0x4', 'sync_historical': true})

Can you clarify what’s going on or why I had to restart the server?

I will let you know when it will be fixed.

your efforts are well worth it.