watchEthAddress is not working

Added 40 address using this function‘watchEthAddress’, { address: address.toLowerCase() });

But they are not syncing.

isSyncing is undefined now that are added by “watchEthAddress”

It looks like this is the behaviour if you don’t set sync_historical, as in:

x = await“watchEthAddress”, { address: address.toLowerCase(), “sync_historical”:true });

When there are no new transactions then it doesn’t have anything to sync

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I’m experiencing the same issue. Even after adding the additional parameter, I’m still getting no record.

const userAddress = "0x....";
await'watchEthAddress', {address: userAddress.toLowerCase(), "sync_historical":true })

const fromQuery = new Parse.Query("EthTransactions");
fromQuery.equalTo("from_address", userAddress);
const results = await fromQuery.find();

What if you try from the admin interface to add that address for watch?
I think that you also have to specify the chain.

It’s all good now. It took some time to sync historical. Thank you for the quick response.